I can't stop loving you
"love is like the wind." - KMH


yongmin airport ^_^

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Posted: 5 days ago
these two freakin' hensem ;;;;;;;;;; yongmin's airport fashion is da best!! yongmin striped couple shirt TROLLL yonghwa minhyuk mhphoto yhphoto airport cn otp
Posted: 5 days ago
this was the n-th times MINGIE NEEDS A GIRL!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HIM the last one look at his smile ;;;; minhyuk jungshin cheongdamdong111 cngifs cnblue n.flying aoa fnc family

Forever busy in real life

Posted: 6 days ago
I can't catch up all the stuffs related cn boys too busy in RL these days TTTTTTTTTT I miss Mingie so much T^T

Perfect in white

Posted: 1 week ago
oppar in white THIS IS ILEGAL ;;;; CNBLUE cngifs
Posted: 1 week ago
minhyuk mhgifs drummer
"I still want to focus on live performances in the future" even tho they need to pay for the sound system and stage installation fees


Posted: 1 week ago
cnblue cngifs mtv the stage