I can't stop loving you
"love is like the wind." - KMH
Posted: 1 day ago
kyaaa yongmin moment ;;;; cn otp yongmin yonghwa minhyuk yhgifs mhgifs fnc kingdom
Posted: 1 day ago
cutee ming ;;;; minhyuk mhgifs fnc kingdom
lets appreciate this drummer's arms
Posted: 1 day ago
GOSH THAT ARMS WAE SO HOT those are drummer's pride minhyuk kang minhyuk never stop mhgifs biceps ;;;;;;;

Fashionista vs Fashion Terrorist

Posted: 3 days ago
THIS IS HAPPEN WHEN MAKNAE LINE ARE IN TEAM LOL JJONG WAS BULLIED SECRETLY meanwhile he know nothing XDD cnblue jonghyun minhyuk jungshin cngifs bang bang mnet wide

when Jjong left behind by Ming~

Posted: 4 days ago
POOR JJONG ming chose sora over jjong who can't ride motorbike jjong oppar himnae!! XDD cnblue cngifs jonghyun minhyuk mnet wide bang bang porksoup cn otp
Ceci's Blue Boy, Kang Minhyuk
Posted: 4 days ago
minhyuk mhphoto magazine ceci GOSHHH THIS BOY!!!!! DAMN COOL MR KANGGUN